15 Hairstyles To Make Your Cap Look Great

Graduation day is almost upon us. Whether you are saying adieu to high school or bidding college farewell, this is a truly exciting moment in every girl's life. At the same time, it can also be super stressful—there's so much to do, from making sure your credits are good to go to figuring out what your graduation cap hairstyle is going to be. In fact, there is so much that goes into getting your diploma that its likely you'll completely forget about the ceremony altogeher. Everything about my graduation look, especially for my college graduation, was totally last minute. I ended up wearing my go-to black romper, wedges, and my hair? Unfortunately, I woke up and put the cap on. That's all I had time for.

But learn from my mistakes and plan ahead. There are a lot of great, easy hairstyles that you can do that will work with your cap and gown. Some hairstyles are more time consuming than others, but are totally worth it. Think about it: your parents are going to frame and hang these photos forever! The key to fixing your hair is to obviously pick a low style, so you can wear your cap comfortably on your head.

Here are 15 hairstyles that will look amazing with your cap and gown at your graduation.

1. The Side Braid


2. The Side Ponytail

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3. The Chignon

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4. Pigtails

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5. The Fishtail Braid

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6. Beachy Waves


7. The Bob With Swoopy Bangs


8. The Plaited Chignon

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9. The "Show Your School Colors" Look

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10. The Rope Braid

11. The Half-Up, Half-Down

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12. The Straight & Sleek

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13. The Braided Crown

14. The Waterfall Braid

15. The Big Curls Parted To The Side

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