7 Reasons Why Iced Coffee Season Is The Best

Things that are wonderful in more than one version have always had our love. French toast — stuffed or cinnamon? Mac and cheese — cheddar or gouda? So when it comes to iced coffee season, there couldn't quite be a better time to revel in variety. The sun is out and strong, the birds are chirping, you've begun sweating on your 15-foot walk to the carport, and it's time for some refreshment to keep the heat at bay. Caffeinated refreshment, no less.

Is there anything more satisfying than whipping up (or being handed over the counter, because let's be real here) a milky, smooth receptacle of moderately chilled energy? Perhaps skipping class all quarter only to ace the final, or maybe holding a six-week old corgi puppy so tight it nearly squeaks, but these things are neither here nor there. Caffeine is the compound that runs our world. Like any addictive substance, it has been craftily and seamlessly snuck into as many products as possible in order to get us through our days. So when such a thing as the relatively pure, unadulterated stimulant that is iced coffee comes into our lives with such accessibility, it is a time to celebrate. Here are the seven best things about iced coffee season.

1. All of a sudden, it's so much easier to speed up and cool down simultaneously.

Same, Taylor. Same.

2. It's actually warm enough to want a cold drink, which also means ice cream, snow cones, and shaved ice.

Is that you, sun? You've been a selfish little guy as of late, but I must say it's tempting to take you back ASAP. Even after all this time.

3. Mornings and afternoons get much easier to navigate, because caffeine cures all.

You know those mornings when you literally use the bottom half of your body as momentum when half-falling off the bed in order to get your ass up? The cure for your woes is caffeine, of course. And when it's iced caffeine, you basically become the most unstoppable woman in the world.

4. Iced coffee doesn't need all those sickly artificial sweeteners in order to be delicious — just stick in some cream and sugar, and you're good.

This unfortunate chihuahua is all of us, except the sugar is attacking us from the inside out and all hell is breaking loose without our immediate knowledge. Refined sugar is pretty much the devil wearing a cupcake costume.

5. The heat combined with the caffeine will keep you in better health.

All the better for your metabolism.

6. Nothing is more satisfying than a cold coffee on a hot spring day.

Instant life brightener.

7. Coffee always boosts your mood.

So drink up, y'all.

Images: A Cozy Kitchen; Giphy (7)