Let Me Drake That For You Is The Search Engine The Internet Has Always Needed

Forget about Ask Jeeves (I take that back. I never want to forget about Ask Jeeves), it's time to meet Ask Drizzy. Yes, a Drake-themed search engine exists. Created by developer Tyler Smith, Let Me Drake That For You takes whatever you enter into the search bar and provides you with results that are, in one way or another, connected to the "6 God" rapper. In an interview with The FADER, Smith explains that he got the idea for Let Me Drake That For You after a conversation with buddies about Winnie the Pooh led him to this article. "It seemed like whatever came up, one of us could tie it to Drake," he tells The FADER. "And that was the inspiration." Smith says the search engine took eight days to build. First, we were blessed with the Drizzle texting app, and now there's a Drake-ified Google? What a time to be alive.

I lost a hefty chunk of my afternoon to plugging random words into the search bar and laughing at the weird results the engine pulled up. (And yes, as a matter of fact it WAS an afternoon well spent.) Who had any idea a search engine could be so addicting? (Oh, wait. I definitely did. I definitely wasted valuable computer lab time in elementary school asking Jeeves dumb questions. I've grown up so much!)

Here’s what the page looks like:


Before I typed anything into the bar, I saw the “I’m Feelin Drizzy” button. How did it know? I clicked the button. This is what happened to my screen:

It was Degrassi's own Jimmy Brooks and a torrential downpour of hundred dollar bills.

I am feeling Drizzy, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling THAT Drizzy.

I headed back to the homepage. Fittingly, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” began to play. My first search was inspired by my current craving:

Ah. Some links to a restaurant called Drake’s that serves cheesy pasta. Beautiful images. My stomach won't stop growling.

...Wait, there aren't any pictures of Aubrey Graham eating mac 'n' cheese? Bummer.

What to search next, what to search next. I looked down at the t-shirt I was wearing: The Spice Girls.

I immediately clicked the “DRAKE GETTING BITCHY IN SPICEGIRLS” link. I do not regret this decision:

Wow. Thank you for this gift, lmdraketfy.

Let's get weird with it, eh?

Yes, while you wait for the results, you get to look at search-themed Drake lyrics. Here's the one that made me LOL the hardest:

Ugh, lmdraketfy gets me. Anyway, when I searched "teletubbies", this was one of the links that popped up:

I have zero clue as to what any of that has to do with Drake or Teletubbies, but I did not click to find out more. How about we dial it back a few notches, eh?

I am so happy right now:

Truly the happiest.

What else, what else? I looked around my living room for ideas. Lamp? Who am I, Brick from Anchorman? Candle? Ugh, that's boring. I scanned the spines of my old college textbooks. And then, BOOM. I saw it: a book by philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett. (Feel free to roll your eyes at that one. I'm judging me, too.)

Caaaan't waaaaaait.

Oh. Game over, I guess.

Images: Let Me Drake That For You/Tyler Smith (12)