Raf Simons Spray Paints Couture In New Documentary

One of the things I love about fashion is its spontaneity and its ability to live in the moment—don't like that sleeve? Well, let's just cut it off! And we see similar sentiments in a snippet released today of the "Dior and I" documentary, where creative director Raf Simons and his team spray paint a piece of couture.

"Dior and I," done by Frédéric Tcheng, chronicles Simons' first eight weeks at the couture house, building his first collection for them in the fall of 2012. The documentary, which will be released on April 10, explores this exciting, yet stressful time for Simons, and gives us an insight to his relationship with the two women, Florence Chehet and Monique Bailly, who run the ateliers where Dior dresses and fitted pieces are created.

The 90-minute film delves deep into the inner workings of the two ateliers, and shows exactly how much work it takes to create one of Dior's divine pieces. The documentary shows how hard the little hands, otherwise known as "les petits mains," work, with most of them sewing couture since their teenage years, according to T.

In the nearly two-minute clip that T released today, we get a look inside the meticulous process of perfecting pieces for the show. Simons and his team are focusing on a particular jacket, one that's set to open the show, that is made in white. When Simons decides it would be better in black, Simons' right hand Pieter Mulier takes the jacket into the garden and goes to town, spraying it black. And Simons, upon further inspection, decides "we can just adjust it at the last minute."

From just the short clip that was released, it's clear that there's a tremendous amount of pressure that goes into building a collection. But within that pressure, there's also a degree of excitement and fun. When thinking back on the process, Mulier told T “It’s very beautiful; everybody becomes emotionally invested in what they do. A couture garment is like a child that each person takes care of day and night for two months, and the last day when they give the garment away to the showroom, it’s very sad.”

To see the full film, head to a select theater near you and watch the magic that is Dior.