Did Christina Aguilera Dye Her Hair Pink?

by Lauren Turner

With all of the celebrities changing their hair color as often as they change their socks, I just have one question: Did Christina Aguilera actually dye her hair pink? Is this something I should get excited about, or is it only happening in her upcoming episode of Nashville? I have questions and they need answers. This is serious.

Now, let me warn you: I know nothing about Nashville (and everything about Aguilera), so what's about to happen in next Wednesday's episode means nothing to me. But in the clip Aguilera posted on Twitter, it seems like she's singing in the show. And according to TIME, Aguilera will play "Jade St. John, a pop starlet" who wishes she could make a country song, but who is being held back by her label. Seems like an interesting plot, but I digress.

In the sneak peak, Aguilera's new 'do is totally giving me hints of Jem, with a dash of Nicki Minaj, and notes of a Bratz doll. Truly outrageous. But it also brings me back to her "Dirrty" days, when she had those black lowlights, and was also a blonde. And since I didn't hate that look (I know, it wasn't her best), I'm just wondering how attached I should get to the pink. Is she going to take it away as soon as it starts to grow on me, like Kim K.'s blonde?

But since she hasn't released any word, I'll have to just wait and see. Check out the clip and decide for yourself if you like it or not.