Brienne of Tarth Loves Louboutins

Brienne of Tarth softened Jamie Lannister's heart, killed the Hound on the mountainside, and is on a mission to protect Sansa and Arya Stark. This character can do just about anything, and rightfully so, as the woman behind her keeps breaking boundaries. In an interview with, Gwendoline Christie talked about her role as Brienne of Tarth, how she's overcome the convention of femininity and how much she loves her expensive Louboutins.

First of all, she trained for three months for the fight with the Hound. And it took three days to film. And the armor she was wearing weighed 30 pounds. That's a feat in itself, to be honest. And training isn't all that she's been working on—in the following months' you'll see Christie's face on the big screen in The Hunger Games and in Star Wars.

But it wasn't always easy for this 6'3 beauty. When she went to drama school at the London Drama Centre, she was told it would be "incredibly tough" when she left. "I grew up in the countryside with a certain set of preconceptions about the way women should look," she told

And it seems Brienne and Christie both have an unwavering strength. "I never really gave too much stock to what the realities were, because it seemed even to my infant mind that nothing interesting got done if you accepted the limitations other people put on you," she told


Christie, who is prolific fan of Louboutins, has long had a relationship with fashion. And has even walked in the Vivienne Westwood Fall 2015 runway show. "I’d do whatever I could to get hold of Vogue, Elle, U.S. Bazaar, and I would explore those magazines and test myself on who the designers were from about the age of 12."

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And as for future projects? She told, "I’d love to play a very destructive narcissistic character, I’d like to play a sexual predator, a lawyer, a politician, a salacious journalist."

We can't wait to see what's next for Christie, and of course, what she will be up to in the latest season of Game of Thrones.

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