5 Nude Polishes That Are More Than Just Peach

You know how nude automatically means a weird peachy color? The nail brand NCLA's Nude Collection is trying to change that, one nail at a time. Just like most things nude—from intimates to adhesive bandages—there is usually only one shade. And you can imagine how annoying that can be when their version of nude isn't your version of nude.

Lucky for us, NCLA's new collection is capable of fitting a number of different nudes. With six new lacquer shades, ranging from a sweet shimmering hue to a deep, dark chocolate color, matching your nails to your skin is easier than ever. With nothing but retro nudes on the runway, I'm so glad this came at the time it did.

Part of the reason this makes me so happy is the fact that I've never been able to find the right nude for me. They're either too pale and just look funny or they're not really meant to be a nude. And I know I'm not alone in this struggle.

NCLA isn't the only brand working towards changing the way we see nude. Nail polish brands everywhere are creating collections with a wider range of nude colors, because I mean, it's 2015—nude doesn't mean one thing anymore (and honestly, it never should've). Here are 5 other nude collections that everyone can use.

1. Estee Lauder French Nudes Collection

Based around the principle that "every woman can be beautiful," this Estee Lauder collection of nudes is what I want to see more of. Because they're right. And every woman deserves to have a nude that fits her best. (Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer French Nudes Collection, $21,

2. L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Collection, Nudes

What's cool about L'Oreal's collection is how they provided the favorite nudes of six celebs. This shade is J. Lo's, so I'm sure it'll give your nails some of her famous glam. (L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche J. Lo's Nude, $4.79,

3. Zoya Nudes

This creamy dark chocolate color is what's missing from most nude collections. So props to Zoya for making a few different versions of this shade. And that's not all they have: the nude collection also holds some pearlescent, cream, and opal shades. (Zoya Nail Polish in Emilia, $9,

4. 100% Pure Nudes Collection

The best part about these polishes is not variety in color, but the fact that they're totally good for your nails. Made without any of the harsh chemicals found in most polishes, these shades will help you true nude nail look healthier. (100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish in Nudes, $12.00,

5. Essie Neutrals

This shade would definitely be the color I would choose as my nude. Described as an "intense cocoa mahogany," this is just one of Essie's 34 other neutral tones. (Fierce, No Fear,

Images: Courtesy of brands