New Characters For 'Silicon Valley' Season 2 Mean Things Are Getting A Real Shakeup For Our Favorite Bros

Things are about to get a whole lot smarter in the nerd capital of the world. Silicon Valley returns for Season 2 on Sunday and not only have they geared up for more of the bro-y shenanigans and advanced tech references we all first fell in love with during their first season, but Silicon Valley Season 2 has also added new characters into the mix. All new faces will be introduced that will change the landscape of this satirical (but also fictional) tech world, and will call attention to a very real imbalance we're all too familiar with in this industry.

It's hard to believe that this show could possibly get any funnier than it already is, but with any quality sitcom, the bar for the jokes will continue to be raised. After all, this is a show created by Mike Judge (Office Space and King of the Hill), and produced by Alec Berg (Seinfeld), so we really shouldn't expect anything less than perfection. With any new show, viewers put their utmost faith in the showrunners to provide something of unforgettable substance and good feels, and since Silicon Valley has already established that, adding new characters can only improve the overall brilliant vibe of the show. Here are some of the new characters we'll meet in Season 2 of Silicon Valley.

Laurie Bream, Played By Suzanne Cryer

FINALLY, we have more ladies to make us laugh and to blow our freaking minds with technical tech references. Cryer plays a prominent executive and managing partner at Raviga Capital. You probably know her from Two Guys, a Girl, And a Pizza Place, or Seinfeld, where she was a big fan of the "yadda yadda."

Carla, Played By Alice Wetterlund

Carla is a coder and the role will honestly point to the extreme gender inequality that runs rampant in this industry. Series producer Alec Berg addresses the scrutiny this show was under during the first season in regards to this issue, and had this to say to USA Today, "The question really is, is depicting gender bias the same thing as advocating it? I don't think it is at all. In fact, I think we go out of our way in upcoming episodes to satirize and go after that gender imbalance. If we just didn't depict it at all, it'd do a disservice to our show's mission to satirize things that deserve being satirized."

And Some Killer Guest Appearances...

The Winklevoss Twins, Played By THE WINKLEVOSS Twins

Oh yeah. Armie Hammer will not be delivering lines for two on this show. The infamous Facebook twins will take care of that all on their own.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, As Himself

Spiegel will show up within the first few episodes of Season 2, according to Mashable. It is unclear as to how many lines or how long Spiegel and the Winklevoss bros will be hanging with the Pied Piper fellas, but these guest spots by real-life tech celebs can only up the show's credibility, and overall draw from fans who heart nerd culture.

Image: Frank Masi/HBO (2); Giphy