What Is Kiernan Shipka Doing After 'Mad Men'? Sally Draper Has A Lot Of Projects In Her Future

Sally Draper is the best part of Mad Men. She is smart. She is stylish. She has an awesome voice. She is awkward with boys. She is going to grow up to have only the best qualities of Betty, Joan, and Peggy. But though we'll have to say goodbye to Sally soon (and on that note, why on earth was there no Sally in the midseason premiere?), there is a lot in store for the super talented actress who plays Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka.

The 15-year-old Shipka already has a huge résumé. She's appeared in a variety of short films and in the horror movies Carriers and Flowers In the Attic. She's also appeared in lots of TV, from Monk to The Legend of Korra to a recent stint as Kymmi on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In addition to all this, she has displayed the perfect tween red carpet style, managing to look simultaneously stylish, age appropriate, and fun every single time. The fake Suri Cruise herself sees Shipka as a style icon.

On the end of Mad Men, Shipka has said that it's the closest thing she'll have to a real graduation, which is both tragic and unbelievably cool. She told Stylist Magazine:

It would be so sad if I couldn't act again. I'm looking forward to playing — hopefully playing — fun characters, characters who excite me and challenge me and interest me. This is what I love.

It looks like she does have a few projects lined up, however. Hopefully, she'll also have enough time to be a teenager as well. All signs point to her being able to do both.

She'll Be A Fan Girl

Hopeless Records on YouTube

This is like the Mad Libs of upcoming movies. Shipka will star, alongside Meg Ryan and 30 Rock's Scott Adsit, as a super fan of the band All Time Low. The millennial comedy will follow Shipka's character, Telulah, as she makes a movie about her fave band. It's currently in post-production.

She'll Keep Up The Horror

Her new film February is in post-production. She'll star alongside Emma Roberts in this boarding school horror thriller.

She'll Hang Out With Awesome Friends

There is a teen gang comprised of Kiernan Shipka, Tavi Gevinson, Willow Smith, and The Hunger Games' Amandla Stenberg that will grow up to be Taylor Swift and her group of friends.

She'll Star In A Gilmore Girls-esque Show With Mindy Kaling

OK, this wasn't real. It's not happening. That's what I keep telling myself.