Ed Sheeran Loves 'GoT' More Than You Do

Think you're the world's biggest Game of Thrones fan? Think again: On Thursday, Ed Sheeran was given a Game of Thrones sword as a belated birthday present during an appearance on a New Zealand radio show, and he lost his damn mind. You know how babies flail their arms and legs around everywhere when they get really happy? That's basically what Sheeran did here... except he's 24 years old. (I'm not gonna lie — it was adorable.) Watching the singer's reaction to unwrapping the strange gift will make you wish you got that excited about, you know, ANYTHING in your own life!

Apparently, this isn't the first time Sheeran's gotten a sword as a present: he told MTV in March 2013 that a sword he received from The Hobbit director Peter Jackson almost "impaled" Taylor Swift during a private flight to Nashville while the two were on tour together. What?! That's not funny! (I'm pretty sure he was exaggerating, but still.) I hope he'll be a lot more careful with this one.

Let me be real here for a second: Eddie, why the f@#$ do you need so many swords?? This isn't Westeros! You're not Jon Snow! You're not even Sam. Let's face it: you're Ser Pounce. I think it would be better for you to leave the swordplay to the professionals from now on.

Watch Sheeran flip out over his gift below:

And now again, in GIFs:

What a lovable weirdo. Related: Season 5 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 12 on HBO.

Images: The Hits/YouTube (4); Alex Kritselis/Bustle