'Game Of Thrones' New Daario Is Still The Best: 7 Reasons The Season 5 Premiere Made Us Fall In Love Again

I really hope you're not still mourning the loss of Game of Thrones' original Daario Neharis. Sure, it was a little jarring to lose the long, beautiful tresses of Ed Skrein when HBO recast GoT's Daario with Michael Huisman, but this new Daario clearly doesn't disappoint Daenerys. And, if he's good enough for a khaleesi, he's good enough for me — not that I didn't already decide that when new Daario debuted in Season 4. But Sunday night's Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere gave everyone — including the Mother of Dragons — even more of a reason to love Daario because, well, he's still the best and apparently he and Danaerys are hitting it off extremely well.

Honestly, I can understand your hesitance to accept replacement Daario — he's a man of more words, more facial hair, and less majestically long hair. But if you didn't fall in love with him and catch yourself thinking about Daario and Dany being your new OTP all over again on Sunday night, you're in denial. I mean, who knew that a discussion about the pros and cons of reopening the fighting pits and men fighting to the death could be so incredibly sexy? Well, clearly HBO and Daenerys knew it and now all of the non-believers out there know it too. Here are the 7 times the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere reminded us that new Daario is the best because you might've missed it while you were daydreaming about an alternate reality where you're the Mother of Dragons.

He's Got A Past

And, while it's tragic, it only makes him more swoon-worthy when he's clearly regarding it as a learning experience.

That He Overcame Like A Pro

Nothing like a "started from the bottom" story to really win you over.

He's Got Dany's Heart & Her Ear

Sure, it's envy-inducing to see these two together as a couple, but what's even more impressive is that Daario is one of the few men in Dany's life whose opinions she values.

That Face


That Hair

Double swoon.

That Impressive Physique

Sure, this is a scene from Season 4, but we still can't get Dany's look off our faces.

He's Not Afraid To Speak Up

Daario's not going to let Dany screw this up — he wants to be her partner in this and holding back won't help open her eyes to a new perspective that'll save her future.

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