'Silicon Valley' Handled Christopher Evan Welch's Death In The Most Peter Gregory Way Possible

I can't honestly say that I wasn't concerned about how Silicon Valley might handle the loss of one of its core Season 1 characters. But, much like I realized while re-watching the first season a few weeks ago, this HBO series knows exactly where its strengths are and exactly what its fans need. On Sunday night, the Silicon Valley Season 2 premiere acknowledged Christopher Evan Welch's death in the most Peter Gregory way possible. And, honestly, it was perfect.

Halfway through filming the series first season, Welch passed away from cancer and did not appear in the final episodes of Season 1. But, there was no way that Season 2 would get away with not addressing Gregory's absence and I'm glad they didn't try. Instead of having Monica break the news to the guys that Peter had left the country for his robot island, the series had Monica break the news that Peter passed in extraordinary circumstances involving a safari, a hippo, and a misfired gunshot. And then everyone was forced to move on — the introduction of Suzanne Cryer's Laurie Bream pushed Monica to accept the new order at Raviga and Ehrlich pushed Richard to take meetings with other investors because "that's what Peter Gregory would do."

The series addressed Welch and Gregory's deaths with the same subtle humor that Welch brought to the character in Season 1 and it was cathartic. So cathartic, in fact, that it almost didn't hurt that badly when Gavin Belson and Hooli decided to sue Pied Piper immediately after a Belson delivered an extremely emotional and extremely fake speech and Gregory's memorial. (OK, it still hurt — I mean, that Season 1 finale was so triumphant. These ups and downs are killing my emotions.) Welch will clearly be missed on the series, but Silicon Valley is making Peter Gregory proud.

Image: Frank Masi/HBO