19 Amazing Pantsuits In Political History, From Hillary Clinton's Red Two-Piece To JFK's Dapper Pinstripes

The term "Power Suit" exists for a reason, and that reason is the strength and authority the ensemble conveys. Sure, certain staid, monochrome pantsuits may cause a snicker here or a snide comment there, but when a political figure wishes to convey dominance, no single garment works quite as well as a suit. Everyone always chatters about Hillary Clinton's pantsuits, but other politicians tend not to get any credit. What about Barack Obama's beige pantsuit? Bill Clinton's pantsuit/fedora combo? What, just because they're men, their pantsuits suddenly aren't valid?

For all the politicians exasperated by how much more attention their skills in international diplomacy and merging party lines are getting over their carefully selected outfits, here are 19 of the best pantsuits in political history.

Hillary Clinton In Coral

Of course, we have to start with everyone’s favorite pantsuit wearer — but there are so many more powerful politicians whose pantsuits should be given full credit.

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Barack Obama In Charcoal

Poised to take action, Obama faced his public in a fitted charcoal pantsuit.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pierre Trudeau In A Serious Collar

The late Canadian Prime Minister’s signature lapel rose was overshadowed by a seriously strong collar game while meeting with Ronald Reagan in 1981.

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Prince William In Navy And Burgundy

An exuberant Prince William didn’t let the rain dampen his day or his navy pantsuit, paired with a burgundy tie.

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Barack Obama In Black And White

The couple of the evening took to the dance floor in classic black and white attire.

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John F. Kennedy In Pinstripes

It’s quite possible that much of Kennedy’s public popularity was due to his penchant for well-fitting pantsuits.

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Jimmy McMillan In Sunglasses

Though the black pantsuit itself may be rather basic, the leader of the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party’s use of silver sunglasses and a patterned tie really made this ensemble memorable.

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Bill Clinton In Navy And Crimson

Bill Clinton selected an unimpeachable navy suit with a crimson tie for a public appearance.

Graham Denholm/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Barack Obama In Beige

Barack Obama addressed the press in a presidential beige suit paired with a striped tie.

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Winston Churchill In A Bow Tie And Bowler

Winston Churchill may be remembered for his reign as prime minister of England and unflinching approach to thwarting the Nazi party, but the man was nothing without his bow tie and bowler.

-/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William In Navy And Periwinkle

Prince William appeared dapper in rich navy blue alongside a pastel silk-clad Kate Middleton.

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George W. Bush In Gray

May Dubya be forever remembered as one of the few presidents brave enough to wear a gray pantsuit to formal events.


Theodore Roosevelt In A Three Piece Suit

President Theodore Roosevelt demonstrated that he knew as much about ecology and battle strategy as he did about fashion in this tailored three piece pantsuit.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Jimmy Carter & Ed Kennedy In Navy and Taupe

A classic pair in navy and taupe pantsuits, Jimmy Carter & Ed Kennedy took a moment to commune with nature.


Bill Clinton In Bold Pinstripes

Say what you will about the man, but Bill Clinton knows how to rock a pinstripe pantsuit.

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Harry S Truman Bow Tie

Never underestimate a man in a bow tie. Case in point? Harry S Truman, of course.

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Barack Obama's Slim Two-Button Pantsuit

Accented with a shocking blue tie, Barack Obama’s grey pantsuit clearly meant business.

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George H. W. Bush

George Bush Senior executed major pattern play to a T with an unexpected pairing of a horizontal striped tie and a pinstriped pantsuit.


George Washington In All Black

Even our very first president knew the importance of a solid pantsuit.

Image: Gilbert Stuart/Wikimedia Commons