19 Amazing Pantsuits In Political History, From Hillary Clinton's Red Two-Piece To JFK's Dapper Pinstripes

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The term "Power Suit" exists for a reason, and that reason is the strength and authority the ensemble conveys. Sure, certain staid, monochrome pantsuits may cause a snicker here or a snide comment there, but when a political figure wishes to convey dominance, no single garment works quite as well as a suit. Everyone always chatters about Hillary Clinton's pantsuits, but other politicians tend not to get any credit. What about Barack Obama's beige pantsuit? Bill Clinton's pantsuit/fedora combo? What, just because they're men, their pantsuits suddenly aren't valid?

For all the politicians exasperated by how much more attention their skills in international diplomacy and merging party lines are getting over their carefully selected outfits, here are 19 of the best pantsuits in political history.

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