What Is The 'Catfish' First That Shocks Nev & Max?

I have no idea what is about to go down on Sunday's special episode of Catfish, but it is something Nev and Max have never seen before, so I imagine it's going to be pretty mind-blowing. On this Sunday edition of Catfish , couple Whitney and Bre are brought into the Catfish fold so Whitney can learn if Bre is really the woman she fell in love with. Even though that may sound like the normal Catfish premise, something shocking is going to happen, leaving Nev and Max speechless. So what is going to go down on this Catfish episode, and how does it involve Whitney and Bre?

In the promo for the episode, Nev and Max are reveling in a huge discovery, asking if "she" didn't think they would figure it out, and how "she" played them. They have no idea what to do in this mysterious situation, and they even ask the producers what they should do. So what is this Catfish first? We won't know that until the episode airs, but the set-up of the episode seems like the start of every other episode of the show, so there must be a shocking turn that happens once Nev and Max dive deep into who Bre really is.

Here's what we know about this episode's couple, Whitney and Bre.

They've Been Talking For Four Years

Whitney met Bre on an LGBT social media site four years prior to reaching out to Nev and Max. Four years is a very long time, and at this point in the relationship, Whitney says she is in love with Bre. Whitney is going into this with the mentality of it being "now or never," for her and Bre.

They're Not Facebook Friends

Usually, these things start on Facebook, but somehow they've gone four years without becoming Facebook friends (even though Whitney has tried to add Bre before). Bre blames the non-Facebook friendship on shady WiFi, which seems like the weakest excuse ever. Get more creative Bre! The two use phone calls and texting as their main source of communication — of course no video chat.

East Meets West

One of the reasons it has been so difficult for the two women to get together — aside from Bre being shady — is because Bre supposedly lives in Los Angeles area while Whitney lives in New York. Money is tight for the two women, so traveling cross country hasn't really been an option over the four years.

Nev And Max Are Shocked

What could be the huge surprise for Nev and Max that leaves them speechless? My guess is that Bre is lying about who she is and where she lives, and maybe, just maybe, Whitney is also in on it? Whitney seems like a nice woman, so I'd like to believe the best in her, but what could surprise these two guys more than learning they've been duped this whole time?

Images: Screengrab via MTV (5)