Ryn Weaver's "The Fool" Lyrics Will Resonate With Anyone Who's Fallen In Love — LISTEN

On Friday, Ryn Weaver premiered "The Fool," the title track from her forthcoming debut album, and it's a gorgeous piece of synth-pop you need to hear immediately. I think a lot of people are really going to relate to the song's lyrics, which, according to iTunes, Weaver co-wrote with Charli XCX and pop super-producer Benny Blanco. The 22-year-old singer revealed during a recent interview that the name "The Fool" comes from a tarot card. It means making "the same mistakes" in life "over and over again":

I found a tarot card and it's "The Fool." And it's a guy that's a traveler in kind of a harlequin-y outfit walking off of a cliff — but he's staring at the horizon because he's so proud and he's just so set on living his life the way he wants to. And there's a dog barking at his heel, warning him, and he doesn't care, because he's like, "I'm not a fool if I'm following what I want to do, despite what people tell me to do."

I don't want to have to do what I feel like I've been taught is my "role," right? And so it's kind of about me leaving that and leaving a bad relationship and then finding such a great one and really finding my freedom, but still not necessarily being ready. Whether you're good or you're bad, maybe I'm a fool for not wanting to settle. Or maybe I would be a fool for settling.

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Making the same mistakes "over and over again," being too "proud" to listen to advice, and struggling with commitment are all themes I suspect will resonate with many listeners. "The Fool" once again proves that Weaver is one of the most exciting new voices in pop music today. Her entire debut album isn't released until June 16, but "The Fool" is available on iTunes and Spotify now.

Check out the full lyrics to "The Fool" below:

1st VERSE:

And now I see Technicolor

A movie script lover, you chase me while I play the clown, oh

But then you know, oh

I tend to stack the deck with wild cards

You're betting all you got on a broken heart

I say, "Don't," oh

But now you know, oh


So I curse my star for a fair game

While you nurse my scars and the old flame

I'm a fool for you

I'm a fool for

I'm a fool for you

I'm a fool for

I'm a fool for you

If I let you down, like I tend to do

I'm a fool for you, I'm a fool

2nd VERSE:

And now I see shades of roses

Your love I suppose is an ocean, the ebb and the flow, oh

An undertow, oh

But I can feel the rogue inside my veins

A way to crash the castle we made of sand

Oh, I hope, oh

It doesn't show, oh



Old dog, new treat, a shorter leash

I cannot breathe, I lock the door

You flood the gate

Tick, tick, too late

But still you know I'm a fool for you

I'm a fool for, I'm a fool for, I'm a fool for you