As Expected, '12 Years a Slave' Is Already Dominating Awards Circuit with Gotham Success

This isn't really that surprising to anyone who's seen the film. In fact, I distinctly remember leaving the theater actually feeling sorry for the other films that were going to compete against this one during awards season, because it's just that good. According to The Wrap, 12 Years a Slave led 2013 Gotham Independent Film Awards nominations, scoring three nominations in six categories, including Best Feature. That puts it up against other well-received, possible Oscar contenders like the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis and Richard Linklater's Before Midnight, making it a potential indicator for the coming awards season.

If you're never heard of the Gotham Awards, here's pretty much what they look for:

The Gothams’ qualifying criteria are somewhat nebulous, specifying that films must be made with “an economy of means,” must be “filmmaking with a point of view” and must be American-made. “12 Years” apparently satisfied the last condition because director [Steve] McQueen’s British-ness was counterbalanced by a number of American producers, including Brad Pitt.

So, basically, 12 Years has got this.

With these nominations, 12 Years is pretty much guaranteed a nod at the Oscars — the buzz surrounding McQueen's latest have only been good so far, and it's even been labeled an "Oscar frontrunner" by multiple sources. 12 Years vs. Gravity: It's on.

The Gotham Awards will be presented this December in NYC's Cipriani Wall Street.