Hillary Clinton's 2008 'Saturday Night Live' Appearance Is Proof She Knows What She's Doing In This Campaign — VIDEO

After months — if not years — of speculation Hillary Clinton has announced her run presidency. Finally! This announcement has been so long in the making that in order to get back to a time when Clinton's name wasn't being tossed around in the same sentence as the phrase "first female president," we'd have to go all the way back to before her husband Bill Clinton's presidency — which began in 1993. Certainly before Hillary Clinton's many media appearances, including Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report.

In the years since her campaign for presidency in 2008, many have wondered — and loudly — whether Clinton was squandering her chance at the nomination by delaying the announcement of her candidacy. Even without an announcement, however, Clinton's position as the only viable Democratic candidate for a 2016 run has thus far kept potential challengers at bay, and ensured that supporters and detractors alike continued speculating on when she'd throw her hat in the ring. But as other names have started to crop up in the Republican field, Clinton's announcement Sunday came just in the nick of time.

Because guys, Clinton knows what she's doing! And if you want simple proof of that, you don't have to look any further than her appearance on the aforementioned SNL in 2008. She was campaigning heavily for the nomination at the time, but she took a few hours out of her schedule to go on SNL and poke fun at herself. All you have to do is watch it, and you'll immediately see why I think that decision is one of the clearest indicators of her political savvy.

Ugh, so many great things about this! This woman is a genius. First of all, she is just so happy to be there, and to be greeted by the audience the way she was. Being on the show was an opportunity for Clinton to show the world her true personality, and she grabbed it with both fists in a way that gives me supreme faith in ability to be a self-aware leader.

During her appearance, Clinton jokes about not getting the show's endorsement, willingly shares the stage with Poehler in an identical outfit, and is all but cracking up during Poehler's imitation of her laugh (which she wraps up with, "Do I really laugh like that?" before acknowledging that yes... well... she probably does).

It's just a perfect snapshot of Clinton as a person, which is exactly what you need when you're deciding whether to vote for someone as a leader. It may have taken her a while to announce her intentions to run for presidency, but I think it's clear that Clinton knows exactly what she's doing.

Image: YouTube