29 New Yorkers Describe Hillary Clinton In 1 Word

by Rachel Krantz

Have you heard the news? Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy for president on Sunday, surprising ... exactly no one. According to the unnamed source, Hillary Clinton will launch her presidential campaign Sunday with a video on social media that we will all be watching with baited breath (and tweeting thumbs).

Clinton’s expected to make her first campaign stop in Iowa, so most likely, we'll have to wait awhile still for her official first speech and in-person appearance as a candidate. But as we await the big announcement and all the drama that's inevitably to come, we couldn't help but wonder what New Yorkers had to say about the woman who was once their senator. Are they excited? Already over it? Clueless?

I went out to Union Square Park in downtown Manhattan to see what New Yorkers had to say in response to one very specific demand: Describe Hillary Clinton in one word. While most of their answers were overwhelmingly positive (not surprising for a blue state) a few answers were less than flattering. (Interestingly, I found only men gave those answers, which you can take to mean whatever you think it means.)

Oh, and as for the word I'd use to describe her? Complex.

Johntest, 34

Jules, 18 & Manuel, 53

Rowan, 21

Jake, 20

Christine, 47

Sarah, 27

Angie, 48

Ben, 30

Saba, 36

Sara, 31

Mike, 24

Marcus, 18


Jessica, 18

Mike, 23

Marelle, 18 & Elise, 25

Jimmy, 27

Feebzz, 24

Sydney, 22

Kristin, 32 & Josh, 33

Polina, 20

Sara, 20

Jennifer, 40

Vana, 27 & Moe, 28

Jimmy, 27

(FYI, this guy drew the star three times, just to make sure it looked good enough for Hill.)

Images: Rachel Krantz/Bustle