11 Wacky Beauty Products On The Market — And Yes, Sushi Perfume Is A Thing

Year after year, companies come out with new beauty products using the latest scientific findings in order to bring all sorts of ridiculous items to consumers. It becomes overwhelming to have to decide on what beauty products to use in such a vast and growing market. But along the way of creating must-have beauty products, there are always some odd beauty products that somehow slip through the cracks and make it onto the shelves to confuse shoppers everywhere.

So here are 11 wacky beauty products that have made it through those aforementioned cracks, regardless of seeming completely bizarre. Warning: Mouthpiece for facial slimming included.

Sushi Cologne Spray

Sushi and sake bombs? Yum! That being said, I’m not 100 percent certain what kind of olfactory response you’ll get if you smell like raw fish. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

Demeter’s Sushi 1oz Cologne Spray, $20,

Long Luscious Lace Lashes

These babies are forever stuck in the sale section at Sephora — which is great for fake lash enthusiasts daring to step out of the lines.

Sephora’s On The Fringes Lace Lashes, $7,

Bird Poop Facial

At NYC’s Shizuka New York Day Spa (7 W 51st Street) you can get “The Geisha Facial” for which the main ingredient is uguisu no fun… translation: powdered nightingale droppings. No fun indeed. It’s credited as the key to softer and brighter skin for traditional Geishas back in the day.

The Geisha Facial,

A Belt... For Your Face

This odd looking face belt is supposed to tighten your cheeks and get rid of smile and laugh lines. It might be worth a try for those who are afraid to go through cosmetic procedures — just maybe don’t go out in public wearing one.

Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt, $37, japantrendshop

Fresh Breasts For All

There’s deodorant for underarms, but what about for our cleavage? This might sound like an outrageous beauty product for some, but for busty girls it is a life saver on hot, sweaty days. Avoid the swoob (boob sweat) and chaffing and invest in Fresh Breasts.

Fresh Breasts, $12,

Aphrodisiac Shaving Cream

Use this weird shaving cream for your next hot date because not only does it give you a smooth shave, it also works as an aphrodisiac. Infused with jojoba oil to give you silk-like skin and pheromones to “enhance your natural sex appeal!”

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Naked Shaving Cream, $17,

Cheeto Flavored Chapstick

Why eat through an entire bag of Cheetos to achieve sexy, cheesy, and dusty orange lips when you can just buy Cheetos flavored chap stick? This little guy will make your cheesy, orange lip look a dream come true.

Cheetos Lip Balm,

Mouthpiece For Facial Slimming

Pop this into your mouth for just three minutes per day and make mouth movements in order to exercise your facial muscles to give lift to sagging skin. Or something silly like that.

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece, $58,

Nerd Scented Nail Polish Set

Not only did the company Lottaluv bring us the amazing Cheetos lip balm, but they also brought us Nerd scented nail polish; not just one, not just two, but in a set of five colors and scents! This is sure to be a game changer for avid nose pickers.

Rainbow Nerds Scented Nail Polish Set, $2,

Bikini Hair Dye

Not a fan of shaving? No worries. This hair dye specifically made for pubic hair will be sure to jazz up your lady parts without you having to go through the annoyance of shaving. Move aside Kylie Jenner, the blue ombre is no longer just for the head on your hair.

Color For Down Under, $15,

Bodily Gas Deodorizer

You won’t ever have to worry about your farts smelling again as long as you have this flatuence deorderizer lining your underwear near the buttocks. The charcoal infused in this pad works to eliminate the smell. The best part? It’s reusable!

Flatuence Deoderizer, $14,