What Your Honeymoon Location Says About You, Because Countryside Cottages Are Not The Same As Vegas

Figuring out how to choose the right honeymoon location can be tough—there are almost too many to choose from! Do you go casual, luxury or somewhere in between? Do you stay in one place, or go on an adventure?

Whether you've already gone on a honeymoon or are planning one, the destination you choose can say a lot about you (and your spouse).

Honeymoons can take on all forms. You may be the all-inclusive beach resort type, with a penchant for being catered to. Or you may prefer hitting the hammock with a book at the cottage. Perhaps you believe nothing is more perfect than pitching a tent for a week with your loved one. Or, you may be all about going on a seat-of-your-pants adventure, or going to a popular tourist spot you've never had the opportunity to visit.

Psychologists suggest that even one's choice of airplane seat can reveal many personal gems including not only our physical but emotional comfort levels, whether we are introverts or extroverts, and how organized we may be.

The same could be said about where you choose to travel for post-wedding bliss. Here are six popular honeymoon go-to destinations that may tell you more about yourself than you originally realized.

1. Beach resort = You're social


You like the night life, and you like to boogie. OK, maybe not. But you enjoy at least aspects of being social. You have considered YouTubing how to create your own towel animals for home use. You get incredibly excited at the prospect of opening a door and seeing—ta-da!—a freshly-made bed with a mint on your pillow. And you’ve fantasized (at least once) about riding a white horse along a beach, with your loved one, during a sunset. You also really, really like fruity drinks.

2. Countryside cottage = You enjoy the simple things in life


You’re not so fancy—but you already know. You love drinking cold beer out of a can, scarfing down red meat and lapping up uber-messy S’mores. You enjoy not having to pack more than two pairs of shoes to travel. That said, you would not thumb your nose at the chance to have electricity, running water and a real toilet. And a shower. And maybe a television...and Wi-Fi.

3. (Real) camping = You don't mind getting dirty


You like to get a little dirty in the true spirit of “roughing it.” You are not turned off by the combined scent of sweat and mosquito repellent in a stuffy tent. You never mind going a few days without bathing—it’s all natural, baby, and natural is where it’s at. When you gaze into a fire, you can’t help wondering what it must have been like in the caveman days. And The Blair Witch Project did not scare you. OK, maybe a little.

4. Disneyworld = You're a kid at heart


You love rides, balloons, and all things fantastical. Parades make you deliriously merry. You believe in happily ever after—love rules! You enjoy being silly, holding hands with your loved one, and being romantic. You are perfectly fine with going to bed early, as long as you had an amazing day. You also get choked up anytime you hear “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

5. Vegas, baby = You like to party


You appreciate the beauty in all things glittery and shiny. You’re attracted to neon lights, noise and scenes of debauchery (whether your own or someone else’s). You probably like to drink hard liquor, stay up really late, and gamble—or at least, watch people who gamble. You enjoyed Honeymoon in Vegas, but only because you get a kick out of watching back-to-back Nicolas Cage freak-outs.

6. Adventure time = You're a YOLO person


Relaxation, schmelaxation. You are all about flying by the seat of your pants (or hem of your skirt). If you prefer to travel from place-to-place on your honeymoon, it's likely you are a bit of a restless yet intrepid soul. You can't bear to stay in one place or be around the same people all day, every day. And god forbid you do something traditional! Life should be all about creating exquisite experiences and memories. You are up. For. Anything.

Happy honeymooning (or at the very least, getting to know yourself better)!

Images: Phil Chester/Flickr; Giphy (5)