What Does ‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci’s Departure Mean For The Series? Don’t Freak Out Just Yet

With only a few days to go until the fourth season of Veep hits the air, all the talk around the show should be about what to expect, those amazing promos, and what crazy haircut Selina Meyer is going to try next. Yet on Friday, the only news about the show anyone was talking about was the fact that Veep creator Armando Iannucci will be leaving after the upcoming season to be replaced by David Mandel, according to a statement released by HBO. Seeing as Inannucci not only created the series and acted as its showrunner but also directed, wrote, and produced several episodes, his departure marks a major change for the series.

But what, exactly, is that change? Surely, the loss of Inannucci and the addition of Mandel, best known previously for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm, will mean huge things for the future of the show. Veep is an Emmy-winning, hugely acclaimed show with a highly distinctive voice and tone; any change in its creation, no matter how minor, is bound to shake things up radically. Here's what its showrunner switch could mean:

There Could Be More Improv

Thanks to his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm as an executive producer and writer, plus several seasons writing for Saturday Night Live, Mandel knows a thing or two about improv. Veep already utilities the tool often, but it wouldn't be surprising if the amount increased due to Mandel's leadership.

It'll Have Larry David's Influence

Not only did Mandel work closely with David for many years on Curb, he also worked alongside the TV legend during his time writing for Seinfeld. Mandel wrote or co-wrote 10 episodes of the iconic show, and it's impossible for any person to spend that much time with Larry David and not have some of his influence rub off.

It Could Be Dirtier

Veep is not exactly known for its politeness (just ask Jolly Green Jizz Face — I mean, Jonah), but the addition of Mandel might take the profanity to an entirely new level. After all, this is the guy who not only worked on Curb Your Enthusiasm for several years, wrote The Dictator and EuroTrip, among other R-rated projects. He knows dirty humor.

It Might Be Less Like The Veep You Know

Many fans might not know that Veep is a spin-off of The Thick of It, a British comedy also created by Inannucci that satirized government. Much of the American show's tone, topics, and style came from Iannucci and his earlier sitcom, so you can expect that the show going forward will undergo a serious change.

It'll Be Just As Good

Yet that change isn't necessarily a bad thing. Veep is a wonderful show, and there's no question that Inannucci has contributed majorly towards its success. Yet as sad as it is to lose him as showrunner, it's exciting to imagine what kind of craziness Mandel might bring to future episodes. His resume is packed with beloved, acclaimed shows, and no doubt he has some fantastic ideas for his newest project already up his sleeve. Veep might be a different show going forward, but certainly, it'll be just as good, if not better, than the series we already love.

Images: HBO (5); BBC