3 Menswear Trends For Beginners To Try

By Candace Bryan
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Celebrity stylists are geniuses. While we've been stocking up on "boyfriend jeans" and "boyfriend sweaters", they've been scouring the menswear runways for actual men's clothes that ladies can wear. (See Rihanna wearing Raf Simmons menswear).

Celebrities aren't the only women getting into clothes designed for man: the habit is starting to make its way to the masses, and Saint Laurent Paris even recently began to offer their men's shoes in sizes for women.

So it's offical: Women in menswear is a growing trend, but if you're not a BAMF like Rihanna, a full-on androgynous look feel a little intimidating (even if you've dreamed of owning it since the first time you saw Annie Hall). Start small: incorporate one of these menswear pieces into your look, paired with more fitted and feminine garments, and you can ease comfortably into androgynous style. Or if you're super-ballsy, just wear them all at once.

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