8 Extraordinary Places To See Cherry Blossoms

Guess what, guys? You don't have to live in Washington, D.C. to experience the wonder of cherry blossoms! That's right, listed below are eight of the best places to see cherry blossoms this spring in America. I'll admit that D.C. does make the cut (I mean, how can it not?), but these other cities have enough blooms to compete. In fact, their beauty may even make you rethink where you should get your cherry blossom fill this year.

Cherry blossoms traditionally symbolize a sign of peace from the Japanese to America, and many of the United States' trees exist as gifts from Japan. These trees have rooted and significant historical backstories, and represent much more than you might think. Yes, they're beautiful, but they're also so much more than that. When you're checking out the trees this spring, make sure you check out their history — it will likely add new meaning to your entire experience.

With such a harsh winter, cherry blossoms are peaking later than usual this year, meaning that in most of these cities you'll be able to catch some pink petals throughout April and into early May. So what are you waiting for? Get to it! You may even be able to squeeze in a few cities before the season ends.

1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has more than 200 cherry trees on its grounds. With 42 different species, this park is one of New York City's hottest spring spots.

2. Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado

Cherry Creek blossoms in the springtime, filled with cherry blossom trees that were replanted following World War II. Hundreds of trees make a walk in the neighborhood more than memorable.

3. Macon, Georgia

Macon, known as the "cherry blossom capital of the world," obviously makes this list. More than 300,000 trees fill the town, meaning that you can go just about anywhere and be surrounded by pink.

4. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With 1,600 cherry blossom trees covering the grounds of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia is not a city to be looked over in the springtime. The trees are spread out around the park, making for lovely strolls around the grounds.

5. Charles River Esplanade, Boston, Massachusetts

Is there anything better than rows of cherry blossoms alongside a flowing river? The Charles River Esplanade offers this peaceful and therapeutic setting in Boston, where the river's sides explode with blossoms in the springtime.

6. Cumberland River Greenway, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville established a city plan in 2009 to have 1,000 cherry trees planted around the city within the next 10 years. They currently have 600 of those breathtaking trees planted, and you can see many of them along the Cumberland River Greenway.

7. Branch Brook Park, Essex County, New Jersey

With over 4,000 cherry blossoms in the park, the Branch Brook Park is engulfing in its beauty. You can literally spend hours exploring this Essex County park during the spring.

8. Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.

I couldn't have wrapped up this list without including the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. Famous for its blossoms, the basin is also home to the Thomas Jefferson Memoral and offers a stunning view of the Washington Monument.

Images: Ben R, Taís Melillo, Random Michelle, hyperconnected08, Jimmy Emerson, DVM, John Tammaro, Paul Beavers, Charles Burns, iheartpandas/Flickr