23 Star Inspired Jewelry And Fashion To Make You Sparkle From Head To Toe This Spring

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There's something about stars that really captures me. Something about the delicate shape, and mystical, symbolic connotations. Stars in fashion (just as stars in the sky) are magical, playful, quaint and evocative. They conjure images of faraway lands, distant galaxies and fairy dust. Stars are, by far, my favorite symbol — especially when you can wear them. Luckily for me, star designs are a Spring/Summer 2015 print trend!A tiny star pendant or pair of earrings can give any look an impish sprinkling of understated whimsicality, whilst still remaining elegant; a bold starry print, being both graphic and dainty. Starry embellishments are always stylish. Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel Black Gold and Valentino all incorporated stars into their S/S lines, and I've begun to see star-glittering galaxies all over the high street.I always have my eye out when perusing the shops, for charming, star-encrusted pieces. If you, too, have stars in your eyes and yearn for a sprinkling of sartorial enchantment, here are 23 perfect pieces, scattered with stars, for your wish list this spring.

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