Is 'Daredevil' Baddie Nobu In The Comics? His Name Bears A Striking Resemblance To A Marvel Villain

Whether you're on hour two or hour ten of your Daredevil marathon, you've come across a character by the name of Nobu. He's played by Peter Shinkoda, and is an associate of Wilson Fisk. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve, but I'll try really hard to avoid spoilers, because I know not everyone can watch 13-episodes in 13-straight hours. Nobu is supposedly an original character for Daredevil, and I say supposedly because Marvel loves to surprise us. Nobu could be a character from the Daredevil comics, and Daredevil might be laying out those pieces. His name could simply a regular name, or it could be a nickname for someone with a longer name: Could Nobu be Kagenobu Yoshioka?

Before we get further into Nobu, know that Daredevil is doing a pretty darn good job establishing a world within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that doesn't rely heavily on knowing a bazillion different things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (like, how on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. you basically have to know the entire history of Inhumans, just saying). Daredevil is setting up a comic show based in the comic world that doesn't require a whole lot of background reading (thank you for that!). However, the character of Kagenobu Yoshioka is someone you're gonna want to know, if only for the fact that it's a high possibility that Kagenobu Yoshioka and Nobu are one in the same.

Kagenobu was actually around during the 1500s, so don't try to figure out how he could still be alive in Hell's Kitchen today (more than likely the character has simply been updated for present time). In the comics, Kagenobu becomes a samurai warrior and began training others to be warriors and mercenaries. This is also when he established the supervillain group, The Hand. (Fun fact: Some of The Hand's members formed the original HYDRA! Small world, huh? Also gives us a pretty good idea of what The Hand can do.)

Over the years, The Hand has had many different members — Elektra, included — and really doesn't get along with Daredevil. The Hand also doesn't get along with Stick, who was Daredevil's teacher once upon a time. There's more to this dispute between The Hand, Daredevil, and Stick, but that will lead into a spoiler heavy zone. This all also raises more questions that we don't have answers for yet, and all this could easily end up being the basis for Season 2 (because, come on, we're getting a Season 2).

There is one fight scene towards the end of the season where — spoiler, spoiler, spoiler alert — Nobu fights Daredevil and he's wearing what appears to be traditional Hand garb. It's also a crazy insane fight scene so yeah, even if Nobu isn't Kagenobu, he is certainly a highly skilled fighter, and without a doubt a member of The Hand. Otherwise, then, like, how does he know to use his little throwing star and wrap it around and then stab Matt with it and then drag him? I'm wincing just thinking about it. Insane.

So, Nobu is probably The Hand and if not, then we have lots of questions as to where he learned to fight like that.

Image: Netflix (screengrab)