What Hillary Clinton Can Teach Us About Self-Love, Because She Knows A Thing Or Two About Being An Empowered Woman

Before the rumors started on Hillary Clinton’s second presidential campaign, she published two memoirs: Living History came out in 2003, during her term as a senator in New York, as well as Hard Choices, published in 2014 after her term as U.S. Secretary of State. Both books offer profound insights on how Hillary Clinton's confidence and how she draws courage and strength while maintaining a high-profile lifestyle in American politics.

On Sunday, Clinton launched her second U.S. presidential campaign. According to The Washington Post, as early as Tuesday, she will "visit Iowa and other early primary states to meet and greet voters in restaurants and other modest venues. A former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady, Clinton enters as the prohibitive favorite among Democrats while also polling far ahead of any potential Republican rival now on the scene.”

I went back through those two books in search of lessons Clinton shared with her readers on self-esteem and self-love. In her own inimitable words, here are six lessons Clinton can share with us today on how to love ourselves and live up to our full potential:

1. Balance confidence with humility

2. Never give up on yourself during the tough times

3. Be active in the struggle to liberate both yourself and others

4. Be prepared to leave behind the familiar and embrace the world

5. In moments of hardship, reach out to your community for strength

6. Strength, money and knowledge — we cannot do anything without them

Images: Giphy (1, 3-5); Headoverfeels.com (2), Buzzfeed (6)