5 Things No One Realizes About Shower Sex

Shower sex is a popular fantasy. Those slick bodies, rising steam, slippery heat and rising passions. Having sex in the shower plays an intrinsic role in everything from erotic novels to sexy movie scenes, but in real life, we may find the fantasy can be rather different than the reality. In the movies, we see sexy couples with glistening skin, caressing breasts and rippled muscles, throwing each other against walls as the steam rises around them. It's hot, no doubt. But will real life be like that for us? What are the things we wouldn't expect about doing it in the shower?

All the elements of shower sex that make it sexy can also make it rather problematic. Wet, steamy showers lead to slippery surfaces. This can make the chance of falling and hurting yourself to be quite possible. We're in a confined space, too, making positions limited and creativity necessary — and how acrobatic do you want to get in a wet tub?

You can have fun in the tub though, just be prepared to take some specific precautions and avoid getting too reckless.

1. You Never Think Of What It'll Do To Your Skin

"I never really thought about how incredibly arousing it is to both people having slick wet skin and the heightened sensation of slipping and sliding against one another. It's like having warm lube all over your bodies, but not ruining your sheets! Your whole body becomes an erogenous zone," says Jenoa Harlow, Love and Sex Coach.

2. It's Tricky

Let’s face it, the shower can be a bit tricky. It’s slippery and can be awkward. But it can also be incredibly sexy. And what cleaner place to play? Take precautions and do not use shampoos or conditioners just prior to getting sexy. This can make the floor of the shower a bit more slippery, says Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook, Clinical Sexologist.

3. It Can Hurt

Bennett-Cook says it's possible shower sex can be painful as the water create more friction and washes your natural lubrication away. To avoid this, don’t use soap or conditioner or whatever else is lingering in the shower. If you can, maneuver yourself so the water is not pouring directly on your sexy bits and your natural lubrication can do its job, says Bennett-Cook.

4. It's Not That Clean

You'd think with all that soap you'd be so fresh and so clean. But are a person with a vagina, and there are elements of shower sex that may put you at greater risk for a yeast infection. "Your chances for this can increase if you are using soaps near and especially inside of your sexy bits," says Bennett-Cook. Be clean to begin with, rinse off afterwards and then pee soon after.

5. You Can Practice Safe Sex

Don't use shower sex as an excuse not to be safe. "Safer sex practices totally work in the shower. Male (and female) condoms and gloves are just as effective wet and feel really neat, says Julian Wolf, Wordsmith, Educator, and Performer. (Running water can also help with that latex smell not everyone likes.)

Images: Pulpolux/Flickr; Tumblr