Fall Out Boy's MTV Performance Includes A Surprise

As an emo/pop punk teen growing up in the early '00s, I listened to my share of Fall Out Boy records (Take This To Your Grave is still their best, in my opinion) back in the day — so, needless to say, I was totally stoked to see Fall Out Boy’s performance at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. Fall Out Boy’s lyrics and songs were always a step above their peers: As a founding band of the almost emo/almost pop-punk genre, their lyrics went deeper than other bands, and their song titles were also inexplicably long. It all just spoke to me, OK?

Fall Out Boy went on an “indefinite hiatus" (in their words) back in 2009, and all of the band members went solo and worked on other projects. It was a sad time for Fall Out Boy fans until 2013, when the band came back to us. “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” was released on February 4, 2013, and we fans haven’t looked back since. Flash-forward to Sunday, and their MTV Movie Awards performance didn’t let anyone down — especially fans. It was the perfect fit for a show that’s known for its irreverence and attitude.

They jumped right into singing their latest tune, "Centuries." Lead singer Patrick Stump seemed every bit the confident lead singer we know him to be. While Pete Wentz’s platinum blonde ‘do was definitely a miss (sorry, Pete), it was a great performance. Next, rapper Fetty Wap jumped in with a performance of his song, “Trap Queen,” and he and Stump turned it into a duet. It was very Run DMC-and-Aerosmith performing “Walk This Way,” but instead for a generation of kids who grew up on pop punk.

All in all, not a bad showing from a band that defined a whole genre’s sound! Glad to have you back, boys.

Check the performance below!

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