Hillary Clinton Is Running For President, And Here Are 8 Reasons Why We Need A Woman In The Oval Office

You guys? It's time for a woman to be president. I don't even need to be well-versed on every single policy of the potential candidates to know that we need a woman in the White House. While it's important to vote for the RIGHT person to land the title of Leader of the Free World, a presidential vote is a vote for the future, and as always, we need to think ahead as much as we need to focus on the present. And with Hillary Clinton running for president, it's important to recognize all the reasons why America needs a female president.

There have been many great male presidents, and some that have been... not so great. Even though we're hopefully close to seeing a woman claim the American throne, it's kind of insane that there have been 44 male commanders-in-chief and not a single woman. I mean, I understand that during many of those presidential runs, women didn't even have basic rights. But since women represent 51 percent of the world's population, shouldn't we have someone in office looking out for us? And for everyone, for that matter? Electing Obama into office was a historical life-changing event to witness, and America is beyond ready for another. Here are all the reasons why we need a woman president.

1. Because It's Never Happened Before

I'm not saying anyone should vote for Hillary simply because she's a woman. But think about this: Barack Obama might not go down in history as the best president we've ever had, but because he opened those doors as the first African-American president, that's one less major hurdle that the next African-American president will need to face. When you're part of making history, it's less about the now and more about the endless possibilities you're creating for the future of your country. That is unbelievably important.

2. Because Empathy Is Crucial

Woman are programmed to nurture, and we're just inherently better at empathy than men are. Sorry, bros. But despite how Frank Underwood operates on House of Cards, being the president means being aware of the needs and struggles of your people. Empathy shouldn't take over in key decisions, but it needs to be present — always.

3. Because Women Have An Abundance Of Emotional Strength

With humans of the opposite sex constantly being threatened by our sexuality, our bodies, and our brilliance, every woman develops an impressive level of emotional strength by the time we can legally drink. Being emotionally aware and open isn't a weakness, it's power.

4. Because Of The Army Of Surrounding Haters

Anyone who wants to be president has a thick skin, because it's required in order to lead a nation. And there are so many ignorant haters and doubters who think they're breaking someone down when they spew their vitriol and rude comments. But the thing is, they're just making them more immune to doubt and hate. They are feeding them more power and motivation. And nobody faces constant doubt and hate like a woman trying to be successful.

5. Because The World Needs To See A "First Man"

It is a gender role reversal we have never been exposed to, and it's one the world needs to see. It's just that simple.

6. Because Achieving Gender Equality Will Come From The Top

There are feminist politicians fighting for us. There are also a litany of sexist politicians who think we need to get back to the kitchen and should stay indoors when Aunt Flo comes to town. The most effective way to implement gender equality in all issues, policies, and industries is if a woman is making it happen from the Oval Office.

7. Because It Will Put An End To So Many Stupid Sexist Jokes

If a woman can become president, she can do anything. So come up with new material, misogynist morons. Because if you make a joke like that after a woman is elected president, you will hear crickets.

8. Because America Is Ready For It

We need another 2008, when we felt like anything was possible — like America was headed in a good direction. When it felt like we, as a nation, had put an end to needless prejudices that had been crippling us for decades. We need to see history in the making, and a woman in the White House would give us all of that.

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