11 Cool Vintage "Vote Hillary Clinton" Clothes And Accessories You Can Buy On Ebay Right Now

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Did you anxiously await Hillary Clinton's announcement for presidential candidacy in 2016? Not really feeling a basic "Vote Hillary" t-shirt to celebrate the official news? If you want to wear your support for all to see, but none of the countless options on Etsy are really doing it for you and you can't wait a second longer for her official online shop to open up, go vintage.

Luckily for you, this isn't the first time people have voted for Hillary and the legacy of her past bids for election provide the perfect opportunity for you to harness vintage style to go along with your politically-aware ways.

From buttons to tees to watches — yes, watches — we thank the people who hold on to every memento and souvenir in hopes that it might be considered collectible for this opportunity to wear vintage Hillary campaign gear. Remember when Marc Jacobs created a tee in support of Hillary running in 2014? Me neither, but it's there. Check it, and 10 other "Vote Hillary Clinton" wearables, out and get your credit card ready.

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