13 Books About Cats Every Feline-Lover Should Read, Because Fiction Does Not Get Any Cuter than This

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Feline- and lit-lovers, your moment has come: these 13 books about cats are your dream bookshelf. I would know, because I'm both, too. Ever since the fateful night when I first came across her dodging car tires on the plateau in Montreal, I have been the loyal owner of a darling orange kitten who opens locked cabinets like a poltergeist and eats from the trash like a starved raccoon. Cat (whose name is in fact Cat) and I have travelled across countries, through deserts, and even, once, had the unfortunate pleasure of rooming next to some really sketchy characters in a seedier part of San Francisco. (I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what they were doing.)

What strikes me most about straddling the cat person/dog person divide is how few people are willing to profess their love of cats to the world. I know the plethora of cat videos making the rounds on the interwebs would suggest otherwise, but somehow I can't help but feel that there is a lack of love for the feline friends who so silently saunter among us. So, for all the loud, proud cat-lovers out there, I've collected 13 must-read books that celebrate the fierce, furry, fabulousness of the feline.

Image: hehaden/flickr

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