'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer for the Trailer Is the New Norm

Is this the new trend? Because if so, gotta say, not digging it. Taking a page from Wolverine 's handbook, 20th Century Fox has released the first teaser for X-Men: Days of Future Past in the form of a twzzer — that is, a trailer for a trailer. What this basically means is that six-seconds of footage from the upcoming trailer for the film have been released on Vine and Instagram for the masses to share, in hopes of getting people excited for the full trailer that's supposed to be released on Oct. 29.

Kind of a cool idea in theory, but what am I supposed to do with six seconds of images that I can barely even make out what it is? It's too much teasing, too little footage — gets me more annoyed by the film than excited to see the trailer, which is, I assume, the opposite of what producers would like. Does anyone even know what's going on in this twzzer? I see Mystique because she's blue, and Halle Berry was there somewhere... and that's about it.

In any case, check out the Vine trailer of a trailer below. Maybe you'll have more luck than I did. At the very least, Days of Future Past is looking quite action-packed.