Who Is Carole's Chef Boyfriend On 'RHONY'?

Carole Radziwill’s had some pretty notable loves in her life, and she’s made a writing career out of telling us all about them, so when she mentioned in the trailer for the newest season of Real Housewives Of New York that she was dating a much-younger chef, I had to know: Who is Carole’s new chef boyfriend? Before we get there, though, let’s backtrack and explore some of Carole’s most significant loves. She was married to John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s cousin Anthony Radziwill for five years (they met while both working at ABC News) before his death from cancer in 1999. A self-proclaimed “lion when it comes to dating,” Carole has also been linked to actors Ralph Fiennes and George Clooney, and she had a long-term relationship with Aerosmith musician Russ Irwin before they split in 2013. Carole’s been on the market for a while, so who is this hot young chef that seems to have scooped her up?

Well, we don’t know much. According to the RHONY trailer, the chef boyfriend is much younger than Carole (Luann referred to him as “Sonja-young”, and, listen, Luann, we don’t need your judgment here, okay?), a chef, and Luann’s niece’s ex-boyfriend. While we wait until future episodes of Real Housewives Of New York to find out more about Carole’s younger man, here are a few reasons why I imagine it’s amazing to date a chef.

Any Craving Is Fulfilled

Dating someone who can cook (and cook well) can mean that when it comes to dinner, your wish is his or her command. Steak? Scallops? Vindaloo? Yakitori? I imagine it’s just like the “Be Our Guest” sequence from Beauty And The Beast, minus the dancing plates and talking candelabra.

Night Owls Are Welcome

Being a chef isn’t easy: It often means long days and very, very late nights as the kitchens finally close. For people who work a 9-to-5 job, it’s super difficult to see your chef sweetie. This is why it’s perfect for a night owl to date a chef: Whether you hang at the bar at their workplace or just wait at home, the two of you can get in some quality time together while the rest of the world is blissfully slumbering.

You Can Get Into Any Restaurant

Network of chef span cities, countries, and even continents. If you’re dying to get into an impossibly booked restaurant and your sweetheart is a chef, well, there’s a very, very good chance you can get in, no questions asked. You’ll probably get a free drink or appetizer out of it, too. It’s definitely good to know people.

It's An Opportunity To Learn

Relationships are about being your best self and learning from your partner, right? Well, if your love cooks for a living, you too can also pick up plenty of things in the kitchen. It’s not cute to not know how to prepare food: don't be Carrie Bradshaw with her sweaters in the oven. Cooking is a life skill, and if you’re dating a chef, you can get a crash course in Culinary 101.

Travel, Travel, Travel

No one I know likes to travel more than chefs. Whether in the next county or the next country, they’re constantly on culinary expeditions, trying to find new flavors, tastes, and recipe inspirations. Doing the deed with a chef? Well, you probably get to go along with them.

I bet Carole took all of these details into account when shacking up with her chef boyfriend (also under consideration is that he is young and very hot). I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to Real Housewives Of New York to find out more about him.

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