Who Is Mark Ruffalo's Date At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards? She Is So Adorable — PHOTO

Is there anything better than an award show red carpet? Although I'm partial to the more glam shows, the one before the 2015 MTV Movie Awards is pretty solid, especially since everyone's way more chill than they are at the stuffier events (and the outfits are way more fun, too). And along with a younger show is a younger guest list — and since Mark Ruffalo brought his daughter to the MTV Movie Awards, he definitely took that younger guest list to heart.

Yep, that tiny individual dressed exactly like the very dapper Ruffalo? His daughter, Bella Noche, who showed up in a tux to match her dad's. Is it just me, or does Bella have way better style than your average 10-year-old? It's so sweet that Ruffalo decided to bring one of his kids as his date, especially since being at the awards has to be super fun for someone that age. Actually, it would be fun for someone my age, and I'm way older than Bella.

Anyway, before they hit the carpet, Ruffalo shared a pic of them while they were on the way, and I'm now officially obsessed with his cute relationship with his kids. Mark Ruffalo, be my cool dad!