Rebel Wilson Has An Opinion On VS Models

by Anna Klassen

She hosted the MTV Movie Awards in the past, and even when she isn't running the show this year, Rebel Wilson is stealing our attention and laughs whenever she deigns to grace the stage. At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Rebel Wilson presented an exclusive clip from Pitch Perfect 2 . Wearing leather leggings, a beaded black bra, and giant Victoria's Secret-esque angel wings, Wilson bent over to reveal giant "THINK" letters sewn onto her backside. "It's like PINK," the comedian says backstage at the awards show, still adorned in her giant white wings and rhinestone lingerie. "In Pitch Perfect we're called the Bellas, which means beautiful," she says. "We're all different shapes and sizes and nationalities."

Wilson channeled her look for the evening after the iconic Victoria's Secret models in an effort to support the variety of forms beauty can take. "Girls will pick Victoria's Secret models and think they have to model themselves after that," Wilson explains. "Even though they're called models, they might not be the best role models." Though Wilson does admit: "I do actually wear their bras..." And without missing a beat, adds: "The director Michael Bay turned me onto it."

While she may be known for her comedy and now, fashion sense, Wilson admits to having a much different dream as a child. "To create a theme park," she says of her ultimate childhood dream. "I'm a distant relative of Walt Disney. I just need a few billion dollars to create my own theme park in Australia to rival Disneyland."

See Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters May 10. Watch the MTV Movie Awards exclusive clip below: