The 12 Coolest Dollhouses Ever (Most Of Which Are Worth More Than Your Actual House)

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Dollhouses are a very weird phenomenon. What's so likable about a tiny replication of our own dwellings — or very different ones — in 1:12 scale? But dollhouse popularity is assured: they've been bestsellers in toy stores since their beginnings as "baby houses" in early modern Europe, where they were meant either to teach young girls how to run a household, or just to show off the elegance and taste of their owners. How much cooler are you with a tiny Faberge egg than you are with just a full-sized one?!

But if you're looking at your Fisher-Price model and thinking it might need a bit of an upgrade — let's say a wine cellar, or a perhaps mother-of-pearl dance floor? — here are 12 of the most expensive, over-the-top, magnificent dolls houses in the world, belonging to artists, film stars, aristocrats and queens. Less "design inspiration," more "sigh and stare for a bit." Let's wish we could play with them, shall we?

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