Miley's Studio Style Is All About The Onesie

Good news for Smilers. Miley Cyrus is back in the studio with her producer pal Mike Will Made It, who was integral to the creation of Bangerz. But know what else is back? Oh, just Miley Cyrus and her love for going topless and her love of comfy onesies. The "Wrecking Ball" singer's studio style is actually way on point for spring weather, too.

Remember Miley's viral twerking video, in which she wore that cray cray unicorn onesie? That was more of a novelty costume, like Ralphie in the pink bunny suit in A Christmas Story. This particular onesie was actually much more serviceable, utilitarian, and it was actually really cute, thanks to how pop music's wild child accessorized it.

Cyrus was relaxed, and playful in her blue outfit, her orange x red knit cap, her face jewelry, and her decision to forego a bra and a top. One has to surmise that she is comfortable enough with her collaborator Mike Will Made It in order to ditch a bra while working.

This ensemble didn't feel like Cyrus being outrageous for the sake of, which is often a tactic she takes. She was likely in her comfort zone, since the task at hand is work, and that's what is most important to her.

Her smile is probably her best accessory...

But I was loving the slouchy knit cap, even if winter is in the rear view.

Face stickers are fun

Especially since they are temporary.

More fun with Miley x Mike Will Made It.

Forget the twerk. Cyrus is getting back to "werk" and she is doing so in cute, comfy style, ditching glam for a monstrous onesie.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram (3)