Why Prom With Friends Is Better Than A Date

There's only one sure-fire way to make prom a night to remember. You need to ditch the idea of going with a date, and attend prom with your friends instead. It's that simple. Of course, if you have a significant other with whom you plan to be with "4eva," then you probably want to show up arm-in-arm with them. But I can promise you that even if you're madly in love with this person, unless they are also your very best friend (in which case, congrats because you've already found The One), you won't have as many laughs or as many gorgeous prom pics as you would with just your girls.

So let yourself relax this year and not agonize over which classmate might ask you the big question spelled out in rose petals, or figuring out if you should be the one doing the promposal-ing in order to score a date. Just skip the date part and plan an epic evening with your favorite ladies. Go dress shopping together, get all your hair did together, and split a limo that has "No Boys Allowed" written out on the back window. Here are all the reasons your friends will be way better prom dates than any romantic date you could bring along.

1. Because your date might be terrible

He might be so quiet that he doesn't even talk to you for most of the night. He might show up late to pick you up. He might leave in the middle of prom to go get high in a van outside and when he returns, he might eat his dinner and then yours. This was my prom date, and I definitely should've just gone with friends that year.

2. Because fast dancing is so much more fun than slow dancing

When you're together, you and your besties get DOWN on the dance floor. So you might as well go into the night with the best dancing partners you could ever ask for.

3. Because who says you can't slow dance with friends?

Janice and Damian did. And who cares what anyone else thinks? The only person's opinion that truly matters is the one slow dancing with you.

4. Because there will be zero pressure to hook up

Prom is often associated with end-of-the-night sex, but that's ridiculous, unnecessary, and frankly, kinda lame. If everyone else is doing it, it loses its level of cool. You should only ever have sex when you really want to, not because it's somehow tied into tradition. And if you don't take a romantic date, you won't have to deal with any of that nonsense.

5. Because you will love your friends longer than any prom date

Your friends will be a special part of your life forever, but there's a 98 percent chance that any prom date you have will be forgotten within the next two years. If this is a special night, then bring the people who mean the most to you.

6. Because your pictures will be way prettier

All the colorful dresses and zero boring tuxes? Yes please.

7. Because a promposal from friends would be epic

Think about all the ways you could ask your friends to go to prom with you. And think about all the ways they might ask you! No matter what you decide to do, or how you ask, it's coming from an honest place of love, so it will be epic regardless of how the promposal is executed.

8. Because your parents will be relieved

They know that prom night spells trouble for most teens, and if you attend with just your friends, they won't have to worry as much. They may even extend your curfew.

9. Because you can be yourself all night long

You can be your wacky weird self in the presence of your buddies, and you don't have to overthink any joke you make, or any dance move you randomly bust out. SCORE.

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