Check Out the Cover of Patti Smith's 'M Train'!

If you've already been doodling little hearts on your calendar for the October 6 release date of Patti Smith's second memoir M Train , prepare to get even more excited. Entertainment Weekly unveiled the morning the cover for M Train, and it's perfect. You probably have a worn down paperback copy of Smith's first memoir Just Kids, detailing her lifelong friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, but M Train will follow Smith's creative journey as an artist in the punk rock movement.

Smith was a key player in the rise of punk rock in 1970s New York City, as she was known as the "punk rock poet." The album Horses from the Patti Smith Group is still essential punk rock music, on the shelves of basically anyone who can legitimately call themselves punk. She told Rolling Stone about the focus of M Train back in last October:

I wanted to write a contemporary book or just write whatever I felt like writing about, and it’s things going from literature to coffee to memories of Fred in Michigan. It’s whatever I felt. I hopped on a train and kept going.

Smith's memoir will be told in present tense, and it will include loads of stories from the beginnings of her musical career, her poetry, the losses she has experienced, her experience with literature, and her relationship with "Fred," also known as her late husband Fred "Sonic" Smith of the band MC5. Basically, it's going to be epic.

Smith told Entertainment Weekly that the photograph on the cover is a "sacred memento," a picture of her daily routine breakfast of "black coffee and brown bread" in Cafe 'Ino in Greenwich Village. The picture was taken the day before the cafe closed.

Smith has called her new memoir "a roadmap to my life," and now I cannot even wait until October when I can travel that with her.

Image: Knopf