19 Best Moments From The New 'Ant Man' Trailer

If you aren't already on the edge of your seat about all the awesome movies coming out this summer, I honestly don't know what to do with you. For myself, my appetite got whetted with Furious 7, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is close enough to taste, and Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer is my new favorite thing. And, on top of that level of excitement, the new trailer for Ant Man just dropped, and I'm officially in a frenzy. Paul Rudd? As a wry, adorable, off-brand superhero? I'm pretty sure I've been waiting for this moment my entire life.

Ant Man is the story of Scott Lang, a man who's done time as a thief and then is recruited by an inventor named Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) to take up the mantel of a superhero whose suit allows him to shrink down to ant-like size and gain ant-like strength to fight crime and criminals. Like Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket! And presumably other social injustices. Either way, the part I'm the most excited about is Rudd getting to flex that humor muscle alongside his very prodigious other muscles that he quite clearly bulked up for this film. It's a process I'm now calling Pulling A Chris Pratt, and I'm as psyched as could be to see it in action.

The movie comes out on Jul. 17, so until then, please join me in poring over the 19 best moments in this trailer. BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

1. This Gorgeous Shot

So sue me, I love a beautiful establishing shot. And I feel like this one in particular really sets the tone for the movie.

2. The Science Room

Ooh, Corey Stoll, I love your science room. Can't wait to get in and see what you've done with the place.

3. Tiny Somersaults

A tiny man somersaulting through the air and then landing like this? OH HELL YEAH.

4. Exploding Lightbulbs

Also a pretty big sucker for lightbulbs exploding in slow motion. Please don't judge.

5. Corey Stoll Existing

Ooh, you creepy villain, you.

6. Fight, Fight, Fight!

Punching a dude a half-second after his establishing shot? Pretty amazing.

7. This Creeptastic Moment


8. The Gun Show

Yo, check dem guns.

9. A Shift Job Offer

"I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff."

10. And Paul Rudd's Reaction To Said Job Offer

"Makes sense." He is my sweet baby angel and can do no wrong.

11. The Gorgeous Ant-Man Suit

Hellooooo suit!

12. Paul Rudd's Real Super Power

Yo, did you just teach those ants Crossfit with your eyes? Pretty sure that's what I just witnessed.

13. A Little Help From His Friends

Ant palz.

14. This Will Haunt You For Days

OMG RUNNING IN A SEA OF ANTS. (My nightmare, but also very cool.)

15. Evangeline Lilly

Girl won me over immediately with that punch.

16. Yellowjacket's Suit


17. The Actual Greatest Shot Ever

Coulda sold me on the movie with this shot alone, to be honest.

18. Paul Rudd's Faaaaace

"I know. Wasn't my idea."

19. This Adorable Moment

The fact that this whole end fight is taking place on a toy train set perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the movie for me. I could not be more excited to see the rest of it. Check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube (20)