10 Times Kylie Jenner's Beauty Look Was Perfectly Bold And We (Probably Shouldn't Have) Judged Her For

Love her or hate her, you can't deny that out of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie takes home the title of "the bold and beautiful." Though older sister Kim may have had her time, shocking us all with a (very) temporary platinum blonde do during Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner's beauty looks are less shocking transformations nowadays as they are more or less style experiments. Could it be, though, that going too bold is just as bad, if not worse, than not being bold at all?

Consider how many times the youngest Jenner pops up in the media and on your social feeds. The majority of us, and trust me as I am guilty as charged, are fashion-and-beauty policing this reality star with tickets at the ready to distribute for overly puckered lips and hair dye for days.

But wait a minute. Let's take a step back for a second. Are we not the ones preaching individuality? Do we not pride ourselves on our quirks and spontaneity? I can count on one hand the number of times I have walked into a salon for my usual do and decided that no, that would be the day I would deviate from my routine cut and dry and hand over that ridiculous chunk of cash for a cut, dye and highlights that would bestow upon me the stand-out-from-the-crowd confidence.

The truth? We don't hate it when Kylie switches up her style. We envy it.

Below are seven of Kylie Jenner's boldest beauty moments in which we sipped our hater-ade looking through, secretly living vicariously through her style statements.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Sporting mermaid locks at Coachella.

While those of us on the East Coast pretend we're basking in the California sun and appreciating indie tunes with our favorite starlets at Coachella, we've spotted Kylie with sister Kendall, her all-white ensemble complimented with a pop of color from her (surprise!) new head of turqoise. So what if this is her fifth time dying/extending/wig wearing, give or take? Change should be embraced, and we're loving this aqua mane.

2. That time she was a glitter goddess.

Kylie posed in a recent photo shoot for photographer Marcelo Cantu, transformed into a (controversial) glittering goddess complete with pink hair and sparkling skin.

3. Posing as a blonde bombshell for Love Mag.

Kylie looks all grown up in her editorial for Love Magazine. Though we couldn't get over the 17-year-old's provocative pose, we secretly adored her in that tousled blonde wig.

4. She rarely cuts without a little color.

It's all or nothing with Kylie and if you're going to cut your hair, why not add a little (or a lot of) color to the mix?

5. Sometimes her lips are unusually puckered up.

We've all heard the rumors circulating about Kylie and her pop-up lips. While we're not totally convinced said rumors are not true, we don't really care. Bold lips are in, and Kylie rocks them.

6. She rocks bangs and no bangs.

This one hits home. As I look like a youngin' already, bangs would only take me five years backwards, but for Kylie, bangs or no bangs, it all works.

7. She wants to know if its more fun when she's a blonde.

She's gone from dark to light, light to dark, long to short and back again. Whichever the style, Kylie is sure to keep us intrigued and inspired. Anyone up for a makeover?