This Is What 20-Year-Olds Think Being 30 Is Like, And It Will Make You Laugh And Want To Pat Them On The Head — VIDEO

Someone needs to tell 20-year-olds, who apparently think that age 30 is when you are supposed to have a "mid-life crisis", that that average life expectancy in the United States is around 78 years, aka nearly 20 years more than their estimation of 60 years old, based on their thinking 30 is mid-life. This video by Buzzfeed exposes what 20-year-olds think being 30 is like, and it's endearingly sweet how wrong they all are. I'm sure when I was 20, I thought 30 was old, but now, being 2 months away from actually being 30, I now know that it's not old at all, actually. Massive props to the 20-year-old guy who says 30 makes him think, "Better, more wisdom." Because he is right. That's what 30 is like.

The most concerning thing is that it's the young women who seem to be the most afraid of The Big 3-0.. Girls definitely seem more acutely aware of age, and what they perceive aging to mean, than boys are. One of the girls says 30 seems boring because parties are drinking wine and watching SVU, but I've got a news flash: THAT'S WHAT MAKES 30 SO FANTASTIC. After spending nearly a decade partying your ass off, getting drunk (which ,at 30, means having 2-3 drinks) on something that tastes actually nice the couch with your bestie or significant other on a Saturday night and falling asleep to SNL is basically heaven. The 30-year-olds in the video agree with me.

Watch below, have a laugh if you're older, and get schooled if you're younger:

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Although I shouldn't be too harsh on 20-year-olds. I was terrified of 30 when I was that age. But as I've learned, life just keeps getting better. Here are some things that are so much better about 30 than 20:

1. It's literally the best when the bartender asks for your ID

2. You can afford nice alcohol and don't have to pretend you like PBR any more

3. You don't feel obligated to like or do stuff just because it's what all your friends are liking/doing

4. People in your age bracket are just way less idiotic and self-involved

5. Sleeping

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