Yep, Kristen & Dax Are Beyond Adorable

If you need some relationship goals, then may I suggest following in the footsteps of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Seriously, they are one of the most beloved and adorable couples in Hollywood. Why? First, like I said, because they are freaking adorable. Second, because they can't help but gush about one another. For example, on Saturday, Bell revealed Shepard is the "best decision" she's ever made. See? I told you. They are too cute for words.

While participating in a Twitter Q&A for the non-profit Opening Act, Bell gushed about her husband of two years after someone asked her about something in life she'd like to repeat. Her answer is as follows: "moment i promised myself to @daxshepard1. best decision ive made 2date." That wasn't the only sweet thing Bell revealed. Another Twitter follower asked about what makes their relationship work. Bell tweeted, "HardWork. on communication. Listening, Caring, Compromising."

Yep, they are the best couple in Hollywood. If you need more proof, check out Bell and Shepard's Samsung commercials, stat. The ads are pretty much the best thing you will ever watch.

With that said, it's time we look at a few of their other swoon-worthy moments, like all those times the two couldn't help but gush about one another.

When We Learned About Their Adorable Texts


While chatting with Flare magazine, Bell discussed a text message she received from Shepard. She asked, "Can I tell you the text message I just got?" Then revealed, "[Dax] said, ‘Do you want noodles?' And I said, ‘Yes. Pho, please.' ‘Should I order now? I love you so much.'" Yep, even their text messages are super sweet.

When Their Relationship Was A Real-Life Disney Movie


In an interview with Vulture, Bell called Shepard her "Prince Charming." Apparently, their life is just like Frozen. Do you think they serenade one another too? I hope so.

When They Used Twitter As A Love Letter

After the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, which allowed same-sex couples to marry in most of the United States, Bell and Shepard celebrated by tying the knot and proposing to one another on Twitter. They can't help but showcase their love to the entire world.

When Dax Congratulated Kristen On Frozen

Once again, Shepard gushed about Bell via Twitter. This time, he showed how proud he is of Bell for Frozen earning a sequel. Uh-dorable.

When Kristen Wished Dax A Happy Birthday

Pretty much the best birthday wish ever, right?

When Dax Called Kristen A "Classy Lady"

Those who vote together, stick together.

Best. Couple. Ever.

Images: Getty Images