Weekend Instagram Inspiration for Dreamers, Artists, and Girls Afraid of Ghosts

Not a moment too soon, dear Friday.

Hopefully you're not too worn down by the week's grind to appreciate a little of the week's Instagram magic. Here, seven captivating ideas to get you started on this whole weekend thing the right way...

Image: @marcjacobsintl/Instagram

Make your Friday desk a little fancier

Eva Chen of Lucky magazine keeps Tiffany's chocolates and a fluffy lamb on her desk. As the weekend approaches, clear your workspace of all those gross old coffee mugs and bulging file folders, so you can focus on the little things that bring you stillness, peace, and joy.

Image: @evachen212/Instagram

Start the Halloween party with your fingers

Are you dying over these Bittersweet NY rings or what? Not only are they perfect for Halloween festivities, but you can wear them all year round — one for you, one for your boo.

Image: @catbirdny/Instagram

Burn a little sage to keep the ghosts away

Halloween isn't for everyone and that's just fine. Feeling the urge to cleanse your space? Walk slowly around your apartment with a bundle of smoking sage to drive away the ghosts.

Image: @sohaugt/Instagram

Get weird with accessories

Some might say that a high collar, red lipstick, a jeweled headband, and a veil verges on overpowering — but Rihanna doesn't care. And she'll pair it with a fire-engine manicure, too.

Image: @badgirlriri/Instagram

Stay home and decorate

Maybe this is one of those hole-up-in-bed weekends where you'll only leave the apartment for coffee and won't talk to a soul. Don't be afraid to let yourself nest.

Pro tip: Tons of meaningful scraps taped to the wall always looks happier than one really expensive painting.

Image: @basicallybrynn/Instagram

Steal from the boys

Baseball hat? Crisp collar? Evasive but meaningful-sounding sweatshirt? Menswear looks good on you, too. (And if you like it so much that you want to go as a bad boy for Halloween, more bro power to you.)

Alternative Friday night mission: Find a man with cheekbones this defined.

Image: @marcjacobsintl/Instagram


Beanies! Knits! Furry! Messy hair! So cute! When it comes to cozy fall hats, there's no point in complete sentences.

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Tell neon, "I just can't quit you"

It's okay, we can't stop wearing neon, either, even though it's totally time for "fall" colors.

Image: sonhospsicodelicos/Instagram

Balance vice with virtue

Yin and yang, darling. And if you can make it all the way to Sunday night with the languor of a '90s supermodel, you will have officially conquered the weekend.

Image: @katem0ss/Instagram