Prince George Tries To Find Dad In "China"

Royal Baby #2 better watch out, because Prince George is proving to be the cutest baby ever. Apparently, Prince George got confused when his mom, Kate Middleton, told him his dad, Prince William, was in the country China. What did he do? Prince George looked for Prince William in the china cabinet. Does it get any cuter than that? I'm pretty sure Prince George just won the award for cutest royal baby ever.

Middleton reportedly told the story while chatting with luxury travel advisor Claudia Gordon at the 105th birthday of London's Goring Hotel. Then, Gordon relayed the story during an interview with Florida's News-Press, where she said, "I asked her if Prince George was excited about the new prince or princess that was coming and she said yes and that he is a toddler and is talking and walking."

Gordon continued, "Then she told me that his daddy, Prince William, was visiting China. After hearing this, [Prince George] went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed 'Daddy is not here.'"

See? Cutest baby ever. According to Gordon, Middleton admitted that "they would work on his geography," but until then I can only hope we hear more stories like this about Prince George.


Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child in April, I'm sure we'll hear even more adorable baby stories from this beautiful royal family. Can you imagine how Prince George will act around his baby brother or sister? I bet he's going to be super sweet. Plus, he can teach him or her all about geography and that time their dad took a trip to the China cabinet.

Images: Getty Images