The VS Angels Want You Under Their Umbrella

The Angels have our attention. The latest Victoria's Secret ad involves umbrellas — specifically supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Jasmine Tookes modeling the new Dream Angels collection under transparent rain coats in synchronized steps under pink and white striped umbrellas. As April showers will ultimately bring May flowers, the one-minute-long video was made to advertise the lingerie retailer’s latest promotion that will hold us over until then. Starting today, buying two bras in store or racking up $75 worth of merch online will earn you a free VS umbrella.

The video was released Monday afternoon, and while it is all kinds of angelically sexy, I couldn't help but feel a little déjà vu happening as I watched. It had my heart, but the clip wasn't exactly worlds apart from Jay-Z and Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella” released in 2009. From the black backdrop to the spontaneous flashing lights to the single, waterproof prop, it's no secret where our favorite angels were taking their cues from. But hey, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. The original video's artistry earned the Rihanna x Jay-Z collab over 100 million views on YouTube. If the retailer was looking for a clever marketing strategy, it definitely found one.

Not long after the video went live, a GIF was posted on the Victoria’s Secret Instagram account featuring Behati Prinsloo stripped down for a solo number, playfully dancing with two umbrellas, the caption reading: Rainy days just got sexier.

I did, however, think it was interesting that Victoria’s Secret chose to launch its video of the angels stripped down to their underwear and dancing under umbrellas after Rebel Wilson’s “Think” leather leggings and bedazzled bra made a cameo at the MTV awards. According to Cosmopolitan, the Pitch Perfect actress chose to wear such an ensemble to remind girls that even though the VS Angels are:

"called models, they're not the best people to model themselves after. I'd like to encourage other girls to think that way, which is why I put [the word "think"] on my butt. It's about what's up here [points to her head] and not what's here [points to her bottom]."

I tend to agree with Rebel Wilson — beauty absolutely stems from what is in a woman's mind and heart. However, there's no harm in flaunting what you've got tastefully, which the VS Angels certainly do, and it if a free Victoria's Secret umbrella keeps the customers coming, well, then let it rain.