6 Things From Janelle Monae's "Yoga" Music Video That I'm Adding To My Bucket List

For the past two weeks, I've started every work day the same way: I eat cereal and listen to Janelle Monáe and Jidenna's track “Yoga” at least four times. The trap beat and the "Baby bend over/Let me see you do that yoga" refrain wakes me right up. Like a coffee IV drip or a Sun Salutation. Monday morning, the music video for "Yoga" debuted, and oh my savasana, is it the HEAT. It truly is a gift. A hey-it's-Monday-here's-a-video-that'll-kick-your-day-off-the-right-way-and-make-you-feel-like-you-can-handle-whatever-this-week-may-throw-at-you gift. It's that ridiculously great. Monáe is such a goddess. Namaste.

Watching a new Janelle Monáe music video always feels like An Event, and experiencing “Yoga” for the first time was no different. The Dave Meyers-directed clip starts with a casual dance party held in a spacious loft, switches to a yoga class, heads on over to a diner, and ends at a club, i.e., the video depicts the best Saturday ever. Before I saw the "Yoga" video, I did not have a bucket list. However, while I watched the video, I repeatedly thought, I need to do that before I leave this mortal coil. So now I have a bucket list:

I want to levitate

Where can I sign up for a Levitation 101 workshop?

I want to host a dance party with pals at a gorgeous loft

Janelle's face + shoulder move is my everything.

I want to suddenly break into a choreographed routine with dance party pals

Already asked one of my best friends if she'd be down to learn this choreo. (Duh, she totally is.)

I want to wear a crown to yoga class

Sure, the weight of the crown may throw off my balance, but at least I'll look regal when I topple over.

I want to levitate again

For good measure.

I want to eat waffles by candelabra light

Show the culinary masterpiece that is waffle the respect it deserves.

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