Meghan Linsey Could Win 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

I've got a girl crush — on Meghan Linsey. The R&B hopeful took a risk by singing a country chart-topper, Little Big Town's "Girl Crush," but it totally paid off — it's in her roots after all. She blew the coaches and voters away with her emotional performance and deep vocals. Linsey is a favorite this game, as was made obvious in the Top 12 results when it was revealed that she was saved by America's vote. Her past experience has definitely helped her get to where she is in the game, but so has her partnership with Coach Blake. The other contestants need to look out for Linsey, because she has a real shot at taking this whole game.

Linsey's past experience is very unique to this game. She has had previous success in a band called "Steel Magnolia" with her now ex-fiance Joshua Scott Jones. The band was signed with Big Machine Records after winning another singing competition called "Can You Duet?" They earned a lot attention in the country world, and even toured with Blake Shelton — Linsey's now coach. The band split in early-2014, shortly after the two broke off their engagement, and that's what lead Linsey to The Voice.

Though her past experience definitely helps, Linsey's relationship with Shelton also gives her a major advantage. She's able to connect with him on a deeper level than any other contestant can connect with their coach, which allows her to open up and experiment more with vocals. Linsey's friendship with her coach gives her a special comfort that is crucial to growing as a vocalist. She is able to try new things and fail without the fear of being judged which gives her a major advantage in this game. Whether it's fair or not — and it totally is — this partnership will make Linsey so much better than she already is.

Some may say it's unfair that Linsey gets a second shot at a career when the rest of the contestants are still waiting for their first. But if you've watched Linsey at all this season you know this girl deserves to be here. She stuns the coaches week after week with her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence. Her talent is far beyond most of the other contestants', which is why she's well on her way to The Voice finale.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC