Chris Soules Injured His Leg On 'Dancing With The Stars' But Pushed Through The Pain For His 'Hercules' Number

On Monday night, Chris Soules' Hercules performance on Dancing With the Stars was just as fitting as I thought it would be. He came out in a toga with all his glorious muscles on display. Unfortunately his journey from "Zero to Hero" was hampered a bit by an injury he sustained in rehearsal just hours before the competition began. When he and Witney Carson practiced their Disney Week number he hurt his calf, and he almost wasn't able to dance through it. "I don't know how I could perform tonight," he told a worried Witney.

Fortunately he decided to push through the pain and did pretty well considering. "No one else would have been able to perform with that injury but you went out there and did it," judge Len Goodman said. "It's a tough dance and bearing that [injury] in mind, you did fine."

For Soules and Carson "fine" was a 27 out of 40, which is also what the pair scored last week. But considering Soules was overcoming a recent injury, it's not a bad score. In fact, Carrie Ann Inaba told the couple it was their best performance yet.

If Chris Soules can achieve that kind of praise on an injured leg, it bodes well for his future in the competition. Once his leg gets back to 100 percent, his and Witney's scores can only improve.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC