'Never Been Kissed' Revisited: 8 Reasons It Wouldn't Work in 2013

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When you take a little down time, it’s important to remember your favorite teen movies. They’re perfect for sick days, days off, and days upon days of procrastination. They’re easy to watch, you remember every cheesy line, and the high school setting helps you temporarily forget that stack of very adult bills on your kitchen table. But sometimes, it’s hard to get into a movie like Never Been Kissed when you realize how much our reality has changed in a few short years. There are more than a few things that would make this classic Drew Barrymore flick completely impossible – and that’s without considering the fact that a twentysomething would have a pretty hard time enrolling in high school without committing some serious crimes.

Without further ado, here are the modern obstacles that would make it damn near impossible for Never Been Kissed to work out like it did in 1999.

That being said, we can still enjoy the movie for what it once was: a goofy trip down Barrymore’s clumsy, lovable path through a completely impossible situation. Even with all this knowledge, we have to admit, this classic rom-com is still totally rufus.

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